Riggins Idaho river RAFTING TRIPS

Looking for a memorable adventure to share with your family or friends? Wild River Adventures is ready and waiting to take you on an extraordinary Idaho whitewater rafting trip down the beautiful Salmon River.

Classic Whitewater Rafting

2-3hrs, 10 Miles, Whitewater and Deep Calm Pools

Trip Summary

This is The Salmon River’s Classic Half-day Whitewater rafting trip. We’ll float the 10-mile stretch of river between Riggins and Lucile. The deep, calm pools and splashy rapids are guaranteed to give you a grin. Each trip starts and ends at the Wild River Adventures shop and takes 2-3 hours round trip.

All-day Rafting

An ALL-DAY adventure including beautiful scenery, amazing whitewater, and a delicious lunch on the beach.

Trip Summary

Launching from Spring Bar, you’ll float through 20 miles of Idaho’s beautiful Salmon River. After several miles of rapids and pools, we’ll stop at a white sandy beach for an extensive deli sandwich lunch spread. Then, it’s back on the river for an afternoon full of deep, calm pools and splashy rapids. The trip may stop to explore historical sites or look for garnets from the year's runoff.
Each trip starts and ends at the Wild River Adventures shop. You can expect to be back to the shop around 5:00pm. Beverages, light snacks, and lunch are provided.

Overnight Rafting

2 Days 1 Night, Comfortable Beach Camping, Great food, Stunning scenery, Amazing Whitewater.

Trip Summary

Launching from Carey Creek, this 40-mile section of the Salmon River features white water rapids, common sightings of Idaho’s varied wildlife, and beautiful beaches for comfortable camping. After a day on the water, you’ll relax as we set up camp and take care of the cooking. While you wait, we’ve got a great selection of beach games to play. Rather bury your feet in the sand and read a bit? We pack a traveling library with us! After breakfast the next morning, it’s back on the river for a fun filled day of deep, calm pools and splashy rapids as we work our way to Lucile. Beverages, light snacks and meals are provided.

Lower Salmon Gorge

Typically 4 days and 3 nights. Huge sandy beaches, warm relaxing water, four geologically unique canyons, delicious food, stargazing, wildlife, and whitewater make this an unforgettable trip.

Trip Summary

The Lower Salmon Gorge rafting trip starts at Hammer Creek near White Bird ID. On a typical day we raft about 15-20 miles through geologically diverse canyons. Each day on the river brings a good mix of exciting rapids and deep calm pools. Camping on huge sandy beaches, we eat delicious food, and tell stories around the campfire until the stars come out. Before you know it, we’re arriving at the Snake river at the tail end of Hell’s Canyon. Another day on the river and our trip ends at Heller Bar where you are shuttled back to Riggins.

What to expect

While we’re all about fun and excitement, we believe in “Safety First.” Each of our experienced, licensed guides is fully trained in every section of the river we run. We provide all necessary safety equipment, and you’ll receive a thorough and informative safety talk before you get on the water.

Each trip begins at our headquarters at 419 N Main Highway 95, Riggins, Idaho. We provide:
Transportation to and from the launch areas.
Any wetsuits or splash gear you need.
Dry storage on the raft.

Hit the Waters On an Amazing Adventure!

Center Mount Raft

Our guide does all the work, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the ride.

STERN Mount Raft

Everyone grabs a paddle and pitches in to help move the raft down the river. This is an excellent option for groups who want to work together and build team spirit.


We have inflatable kayaks for those who want a more independent experience. You’ll get to explore the river at your own pace and enjoy the scenery up close.


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